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Supplements for men

Are you familiar with the main
health challenges that men face?

Throughout their lives, men encounter various challenges, including:

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Sex drive
Man peeing
Prostate and urination
Testo levels
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Less energy

There are solutions:

  • Adopting an active and healthy lifestyle
  • Maintaining a balanced diet
  • Using supplements to address nutrient deficiencies

4HIM is a range of supplements with the vitamins and minerals men may need as they age.

9/10 customers recommend

A customer survey was conducted among active customers, with 855 respondents.

Based on research and quality

"We are passionate about creating good and simple solutions for men's health, while raising awareness and reducing taboos."

- Thomas Hermansen, Product Developer at 4HIM

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Why 4HIM?

Developed by men, for men. Based on science, and developed with a rigorous quality control.

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3rd party tested
Effective ingredients
Award winning customer service
60 000 customers

Here's why 4HIM is a better choice

  • Based on a valid number of studies
  • Manufactured in accordance with GMP and current European health claims
  • Third-party tested by Eurofins

Documented, analysed and thoroughly tested. That's why you can now find 4HIM in stores and pharmacies all across the Nordics.

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Joonas tested 4HIM TestoBalance

"I have energy all day long, feel stronger, and have more confidence than I did in my twenties."

- Joonas (35)

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